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Damn Good Duck Calls

Made in the United States.

Control the skies!

Who we are


Born and raised in northeast Ohio I am a 17 year Veteran of the USCG and a marine mechanic by trade. Offshore fishing, spending time with family, chasing ducks and training retrievers are my passions.

Born and raised in southwest Ohio, I am a 13-year veteran of the USCG, a welder fabricator by trade. Being outdoors, fishing, deer hunting, and chasing waterfowl are my passions.

Our Story

Joe and I met while sailing the great lakes 12 years ago and we instantly become good friends. Sharing similar passions and both being from Ohio we hit the ground running when it came to explore the outdoors and chasing waterfowl.  Over the Years traveling around and living in different states we would call each other and discuss the latest gear and tactics on our hunts and one thing we would always complain about was the quality of the Duck calls on the market. Well one day I received a call and Joe said he had created the perfect duck call and that he was going to mail me one. A few days later I received the call then immediately field tested it in the frigid marsh of northern Michigan, to my surprise Joe had created the perfect Duck call. After a few years of trial, error and field-testing Lead Head waterfowl was born in 2017. It is our goal to continue to bring you the best products we can that are made in the USA using American materials and crafted by Veterans.

Call Videos

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