We want your stories about where your boots have been!!



In my family, we tell stories. We tell the same stories, and we tell them over and over.

Everybody in the family has heard them, but we still laugh when we hear them again. Most of us do, anyway. Some just roll their eyes.

It’s a new Lead Head Waterfowl feature in the Boot Life Magazine that gives followers a place to tell their stories.

It works like this. At the start of the month we will propose a contest and ask people to write a short story about your own memorable waterfowl hunt that is a true story from their own lives in their own boots.

We will choose stories that are right out of the field, uplifting, non-political and unbiased. 

At the start of the next month, we’ll publish the chosen stories (one for the ladies section and one for the men’s section) in the printed Boot Life Magazine and encourage people to subscribe or go online to read more and showcase the winner via social media. The next month there will be a new prompt, and a new batch of stories to read.



Did you know that half of our magazine is dedicated to you ?  



Did you know that half of our magazine is dedicated to you ?

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Send us your waterfowl short story and you will have a chance to be featured in boot life magazine!

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